At Live Active Loch Leven we belive that developing a strong foundation in swimming is a vital life skill. Our Learn to Swim programme introduces children to the water from the age of 3 years old and follows Scottish Swimming's successful and progressive framework. To aid continuity of learning for your child, lessons run for 50 weeks of the year. Assessments are made on a continuous basis throughout the the learning process, and progress can be follwed at home throuhg the use of our Home Portal.

Lessons are taught in 30 minute sessions once per week, and are bookable in advance in multiples of 10 at acost of £3.80 per lesson.

Payment for Lessons

You will still pay for lessons in a 10 week block, though that 'block' will be specific to you. i.e. a customer rebooking before week one will pay for 10 sessions and a new customer joining on week 3 will also pay for 10 sessions. This will mean that there is no specific payment week for everyone as the payments are staggered. This will decrease waiting times at the desk when you are trying to pay.

Due to these staggered payments, there will no longer be posters displayed to remind you to pay, instead you will recieve an email direct into your inbox. Please ensure that we have an up to date email address as the system will automatically delete any swimmers who remain unpaid at the end of their block.

Payment can now be taken at any time during the block, you can even pay for multiple blocks at a time allowing you more flexibility and convenience, particulalry over holiday periods.

Please ensure you take a note of the date your child's payments are due to expire and write it in your diary/calender to help you remember to pay, as unpaid swimmers will be automatically removed.

If your child's credited block expires instead of being topped up, your child will be automatically and immediately removed from their class and that spot will therefore become immediately available to other swimmers, so please ensure you rebook in plenty of time to keep your child's place in our classes.

Missed Lessons

Please note we do not refund sessions that are missed due to holidays or illness. We only refund for lessons in circumstances where lessons have been cancelled by Live Active Leisure. All refunds are allocated at the end of a block when participants are paying for the next block. Reception staff will deduct the number of sessions to be refunded from the block price.

The following forms can be downloaded as PDF document for your convenience:

pdf Swimming Waiting List Application Form - Child (132 KB)
pdf Change Day/Time Form (47 KB)

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